Hey Guys! Welcome to Genoa!

Yes, perhaps you have been to Genoa many times before in your yachting career – but have you ever really had the Italian experience? As the 5th largest city in Italy, Genoa is just the starting point for some wonderful Italian adventures!
The aim of the “experience” project is to entertain you and your crew during your stay in the shipyard, organizing different kinds of activities that you can take part in all around our beautiful country.

Located in the Ligurian Sea, Genoa has historically been one of the most important ports on the Mediterranean: it is currently the busiest in Italy and in the Mediterranean Sea and twelfth-busiest in the European Union. Genoa has been nicknamed la Superba (“the proud one”) due to its glorious past and impressive landmarks. A large part of the old town of Genoa was inscribed on the World Heritage List (UNESCO) in 2006 as Genoa: Le Strade Nuove and the system of the Palazzi dei Rolli. The city’s rich cultural history in art, music and cuisine allowed it to become the 2004 European Capital of Culture.

“It is a place that ‘grows upon you’ every day.  There seems to be always something new to find.  There are the most extraordinary alleys and by-ways to walk about in.  You can lose your way twenty times a day, if you like and turn up again”.